Perfect on every screen

Enjoy Pop! on every Android Wear powered device.

Choose your style

Nine diferent themes to customize your watch face.

Features list

Pop! watch face is not just colourful and pretty: check out the main features!

  • Analog watch face

    Do you like old-style analog watch faces? Then Pop! is the right one for your Android Wear device with the hands and ticks you need!

  • 9 different Themes

    Contrasting or complementary? pure white or jet? bold or just cheerful? Choose your style between 9 different themes!

  • Interactive watch face

    Tap on the screen to instantly change the theme!

  • Support for Complications

    The right watch face can make your smart watch smart for real: choose from 4 different date complications up to three dials!

  • Wearable setting screen

    Customize Pop! right on your wrist: Touch and hold anywhere on the background of the screen, then tap on the gear under the Pop! thumbnail to reveal the settings screen.

  • Optimized for both round and square screens

    Not just for corners or curves: Pop! is designed to beautifully decorate any Android Wear powered smart watch, besides its screen form factor.